Who. What. Wear Vintage.

Vintage stores are a great place to find hidden gems. Here’s 3 reasons that’ll make you explore Cardiff’s Arcades.

  • Cheap

We all know shopping in Cardiff can get a little pricey, and it’s nice to feel as though you’re getting your money’s worth when buying clothes. This is why vintage shops are fab – plus you’ll be surprised with the level of quality.

  • Funky Shirts

Who doesn’t like a funky shirt? Whether you’re off to a Cirque du Soul night at Club Ifor  Bach, taking an afternoon stroll through Bute Park, or just feeling a bit different – a wavey shirt is essential for at least one of your days a week.

  • Jeans Galore

With rack after rack of denim to filter through, jeans shopping has never been so easy. Slim, baggy, rolled up, cuffed short – it’s all there, you’ve just got to find it. Vintage shops offer a real bargain when trying to find the right pair of trousers.


Take yourself to either Sobeys or Hobos to find established brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Levis and Polo Ralph Lauren; as well as all the best in retro sportswear such as Nike, Adidas and Puma.


  • Sobeys – 31 Royal Arcade
  • Hobos – 26 High Street Arcade


For a good night out: 

  • Clwb Ifor Bach – 11 Womanby St, Cardiff CF10 1BR







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