Fit of the Week

It’s been cold in Cardiff this week…

Keep cosy with details on where, and how you can acquire a similar look to this fit.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Don’t forget the special brew…


Above, a pair of Old Skool Checkerboard Vans are featured. In recent times, this specific model has been a sought after item for sneakerheads. However, Vans tend to re-release this model at least once a year – so be on your toes.

Alternatively, Cardiff has its own Vans shop located along The Hayes. Get your fix of Old Skool’s, Sk8-Hi’s, Authentic’s and Slip-On’s in a variety of different colours – all priced to not hurt your pocket too much.


Back at it again with the cuffed jeans n’ frayed ends? This particular style of denim has recently cemented their way back into the current trend. Urban Outfitters, located opposite the Vans store, displays many variations of this style; from dark to light, brands such as BDG and Loom offer a clean, bold look with a great level of quality – priced no higher than £50.


The plain white T may be the cheapest item in this fit, but it completes it – especially when complimented with jewellery. Check out the ‘Back to Basics’ post, to gain info on where’s best to get these in Cardiff.


Every streetwear enthusiast should own at least one piece from high-end Italian retailer – Stone Island. Unconventionally, the Stoney’ item shown above does not feature the highly-recognisable arm badge, however this adds to its individuality. These are usually pieces from old collections; which can be bought through resale. Try your luck on ‘depop’, an app used for the buying and selling of clothes. Otherwise, stay posted for an up-and-coming post specific to Cardiff’s best streetwear stores, detailing where jackets of a similar style can be purchased.

*puzzling over next weeks fit*



depop :




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