Strategy Post


  • My blog aims to target a predominantly young male audience, who have a specific interest in street/vintage fashion and urban culture. It is also aimed at people who live near or in Cardiff, as its main function is to provide information on where to acquire this particular taste of clothing in the capital.


  • Fashion and Arts blog, ‘Hypebeast’, proved influential to my theme. Each blog post is listed in tiled form from top to bottom, using bold, eye catching photos to captivate the audience. This allowed my home page to be ergonomic, as users could easily scroll through and click on each post.



  • Furthermore, I tried to encapsulate the theme of blog, ‘SneakerNews’, by utilising a large, striking header photo that momentarily changes when clicking another page. This will help maintain user interest.



  • My blog includes a ‘fit of the week’ section, which dissects photos of a particular outfit. ‘Gallucks’, fashion blogger, inspired me to do this as he features ‘shop my wardrobe’. This enables users to personalise content, as they can relate to the products they like through exploring the given links.



  • ‘Gallucks’ also motivated me to include a widget listing links to social media. Included is my own and photographers – adding more to user experience, as they can engage with Instagram and sustain their curiosity.



  • In addition, ‘Highsnobiety’ stimulated me to use specific language as a tactic for engagement; the use of numbers in my vintage section, ‘3 reasons why…’, does not only split up the text making it easier to read, but also acts as a persuasion to read on.



  • My ‘Vintage’ post includes:


  • location of shops / info of stock.
  • Informal tone
  • Places in Cardiff, e.g. Clwb Ifor Bach / Bute Park


  • This permits reader to gain something from blog – as they can now explore Cardiff with the information provided and find vintage clothing of their own choice.
  • The informal tone allows for an easy read to discourage boredom.
  • Locations provide relatable content.

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